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I help developers to be better engineers! 💻 Software Engineer | 📈 Data Science | 💼 Entrepreneurship | 🧠 AI | 🖋️ Writer at DEV with 250K+ views.

You can find a job in a different way.

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You apply to numerous jobs daily.

No answer.


The reply:

“Thank you for your application for the [job position title] at [company’s name]. …, unfortunately, we have to inform you that this time we won’t be able to invite you to the next phase of our selection process.”


Take control of your life

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There are days when we feel less motivated to do work. Everyone has days like that. Usually, we procrastinate and end up doing nothing.

Sometimes, we also tend to think that feeling unproductive on certain days is harmful. It’s something perceived as not that good by ourselves.

Ideally, everyone wants…

Just be consistent

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‘You need to be productive to be successful.’

‘You can only do this if you can do X things in Y hours.’

‘You’d be able to achieve this if you can finish that in Z days.’

This what we have heard daily from ‘motivational’ speakers, ‘self-made’ entrepreneurs, ‘social-media’ influencers, and…

Data Science

Learn how to leverage the right tools to be an effective storyteller

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Storytelling has been there for ages. It has helped people to make a better sense of the things happening around them and before.

People have been using it to draw the attention of not only the audience in front of them but also the people coming after them.

Storytelling is…

Data Science, Opinion

Learn how to effectively tell a story in order to explain your work.

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You are a data scientist, or somehow involved with the data science probably learning it which is the reason you are reading my article.

You were given a classification problem.

You think you used the best model…

A person’s attitude today defines what they will be tomorrow…

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Most of us have goals and these goals in life pave the way for us to succeed.

But having a constructive approach towards your goals is really important.

Everyone aspires to become a better version of themselves and strives to…

Learn to win by embracing your failures…

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You might have heard the term ‘failure’ from the people around you.

It’s attributed to defeat, losing, or similar meanings.

People think that if you fail, everything ends up. It’s a separate discussion. …

It’s damn easy. You can do it!

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Writing is a creative process.

It’s an art. It takes time to write good content and then building a reputation on top of that.

You might be struggling with writing content that people like, share, and want to read again and again. …

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As engineers, we want our applications to be decoupled from each other and follow an architecture that’s distributed in different parts or services. This makes it easy to disintegrate, replace, or remove different parts without affecting the overall functionality of the applications and software systems.

Messaging is an important part…

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“If I was able to raise the capital, I would’ve pursued my dreams.”

“You don’t get it because you don’t understand my situation.”

“I can’t achieve Y…Uhm…Since I don’t have Y.”

You might have heard these kinds of excuses from people around you.

Two Types of People

Generally speaking, people are of two types.

Saeed Ahmad

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